Keys to Heavenly Doors
Tanya Monteleone

As I was in worship last month I found myself in an encounter where I was taken up and shown the unlocking of many Heavenly doors and an abundant supply of supernatural provision released to many believers.

At the start of this vision, Jesus placed a large and intricate key into my hand. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be multi-faceted in that the bottom part of it had a number of sides. He spoke and said:
“It is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven”.

This confused me as it was only one key and so asked the Lord:
“Isn’t this supposed to be ‘keys’ – plural, meaning there should be more than one?”
He replied, “This is the master key, it unlocks all doors in heaven.”

I then saw many doors appear in front of me and was taken through a process of seeing a number of them opened with the key:

The first door was the one closest to me. I tried the key, which fit like a glove, and as the door opened towards me, gold fell out of the room and landed at my feet. I instantly thought that this was a door of PROVISION. The Lord said:
“These are the FINANCES”.

I knew that the room was bursting at the seams, just waiting for the door to be opened so the finances could be released.

I proceeded to eagerly open a second door and the key was again a perfect match. As I opened this one, body parts fell out, once again at my feet and I clearly saw new spines, a pair of lungs, a new pelvis and many more parts available. This was the SPARE PARTS room that I had heard many prophets speak about and it too was bursting at the seams with anything that anyone could ever need.

As I opened the next door I saw GLORY in that it looked like millions of little fireflies falling out and onto me and around my feet. It appeared unending, infinite and just waiting for someone to access it in its entirety.

Again, my key opened another door and I stood on the precipice of space. I could see the never-ending expanse of the solar system and was unsure about why I was seeing this vision. I asked the Lord what it was and He replied:

“This door unlocks the MYSTERIES of the HEAVENS”.

I knew then that there were so many more mysteries to be explored and this realm was open and these mysteries were ready for discovery.

The next door surprisingly revealed little black ‘things’ that fell at my feet. I didn’t understand what I was seeing and again enquired of the Lord as to what this was. He told me:

“What you can see is cancer, this door unlocks the CURE for cancer, for cancer to leave bodies.”

As I opened a final door, musical instruments fell at my feet, as did musical notes. This was a MUSIC ROOM in Heaven, just waiting for the notes and the songs to be released.

I became so excited at this point and so asked Jesus what other doors there were to unlock and his answer surprised me. He said:
“You are only limited by your own IMAGINATION.”

He repeated this three times till I understood that I only had to use my imagination to reveal what was behind the remaining doors. What else did I need? What else did the church need? What else did people around me need?

As the doors began to fade I had a vision of Jesus on the cross and He said to me:

“I died so that you might have access to ALL THESE DOORS. Access the rooms in Heaven now.”

I knew then that WE ALL have a MASTER KEY and that WE ALL have access to the Heavenly realms for the things that we need most in our lives. I knew too that Jesus is the MASTER KEY and that treasures in Heaven are just waiting for us to open these doors and receive from our abundant inheritance.