Prophetic Word – Suddenly, Suddenly, Suddenly
In a recent prayer time the Lord spoke the following words to me. “There is a new sound that will begin to arise out of the earth. It is the sound of the marching of angels. Just as David heard the marching of angels in the top of the Mulberry trees you will begin to hear the sound of the marching in the Mulberry trees (2 Samuel 5:24). The Lord is stirring something in the earth. There is a new sound of worship arising. There is a new sound of healing and a new sound of deliverance that is about to arise. The Lord is bringing it forth out of Australia. ‘It will come from down under,’ says the Lord. It will come from down under and it will spread across the islands in the Pacific. It will spread across that region and the area of Oceania. It will then spread out to the United States and up into Canada. It will spread down into Latin America and even into South America. The sound that is about to come forth will ignite something that has been lying dormant in the English Islands, in Ireland and in Scotland. Then it will spread to France and across Europe, and into Germany. It will even touch Ukraine. It will touch the Baltic’s. It will touch Russia. The Lord is not limited by the political situations in these nations. He is not limited by what is going on in the nations. There is a sound that is coming forth. It is the sound of healing. It is the sound of deliverance. There is a healing anointing that is being released and it will be accompanied by a sound. Sound precedes the entrance of the Lord. Just as there was a rushing mighty wind and the winds began to blow on the Day of Pentecost, there is a rushing mighty wind and a wind of healing will sweep across this world and across this planet. The Lord is going to heal those who are desperate. He will bring healing to those who are hungry. You have endured a season of testing. I declare to you that your season of testing is coming to a close. You will now enter into your promotion. Suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly! Promotion shall come. Suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly! You shall shift into a new position. ‘Suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly! This door will close and a new door will open,’ says the Lord. For you have waited, and you have said how long will we have to wait? When will it happen? When will it come? It will come suddenly. This is your suddenly season. And I am bringing finances to you. I am going to bless you financially in where you have felt like you didn’t have enough and there has been lack. You have had to adjust and you have had to be careful. I am changing that. I am bringing things around and whatever you have given up I am returning to you. I am not limited by the economies of man. I am not limited by the disobedience of man. I am going to bring the monies that you need to accomplish what I am calling you to accomplish in this hour. Pursue Me. Pursue your destiny. Pursue what I have put in your heart. Don’t be afraid to step out. Don’t be afraid to sow. Don’t be afraid to give. Pursue Me. Be radical in your pursuit of me and I will be radical in blessing you. This is a season of suddenlies and I am bringing about a season of suddenlies in your life.”