Contending for the Spirit of Resurrection
Todd Weatherly
Adelaide, South Australia

While overseas holidaying recently after a missions trip I had the misfortune of falling into the hotel swimming pool. It was a hot day and I was wearing shorts, which would normally not be a problem, however I had my iPhone 6 smartphone in my hand.

As I resurfaced I held it up in the air trying desperately to get it out of the water as soon as possible. Once out of the pool and while trying to remove the cover I saw what they call the dreaded “blue screen of death” appear before my phone completely shut down. I rushed to my hotel room in order to plug it into the charger and while charging it I googled on my wife’s phone how to save an iPhone 6 after it’s been baptised by full immersion.

The first instruction was very clear “whatever you do, don’t try and charge it as this will certainly short it out completely and will greatly harm your chances of recovering any data”. Leaping across the room in my still wet clothes I violently yanked it out of the wall and started to consider the ramifications.

I had thousands of photos and videos of my family, ministry and world travels. There were also hundreds of phone contacts and what made it even worse was that I had hundreds of sermons, revelations and links saved in my notes. As my mind scrambled to find a solution I also remembered that I hadn’t synced it with my other devices and hadn’t even backed it up at all……ouch! Now I was feeling the pain!

Once we returned home 5 days later I sent it off to a tech company that specialises in data recovery ironically called “Data Revival”. Hope leaped. A week later it was returned and I was told that the phone was completely dead with no hope of recovering any data. In one last attempt, now that I had a new phone with a new SIM card, my wife tried to see if we could recover anything back from the cloud. After 10 minutes she looked up at me from her screen and said “your not even registered with the cloud!”.

I started to remember all those inner promptings that I had ignored over time that told me to ” back up my data”; when suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord. “Call your data back”. I was processing what I had just heard when I heard Him say again ” Call your data back”.

In front of my wife in our lounge room I said “in Jesus name, data I call you back and command you to come onto my new phone”. While I didn’t feel any strong faith I thought to myself “this will be interesting”.

The Holy Spirit brought back to me of how many times I had seen 11:11 (backs of buses, clocks, phones, Internet posts etc) and in John 11:11 we read that Jesus was going to “wake up His friend Lazarus from sleep”; in other words RAISE HIM FROM THE DEAD.

Calling something or someone back from what we think is an impossible and irreversible situation demonstrates a spirit of resurrection. Not only that, but Jesus, the Lord of glory who lives inside every born again child of covenant is “the resurrection and the life!” (John 11:25).

The next day I told this story to my church and told them to “watch this space” and that I would report to them the following Sunday. It was now Monday morning and out of habit I opened my contacts (even the day before my phone had NOTHING in it as I had to contact staff to get some people’s numbers) when to my surprise (yes surprise), I saw that all my contacts had been restored!

I rang my wife and said “you wanna hear something weird? I just got all my contacts back”. She excitedly said “check to see if you have your notes back!”. I checked. Nothing. She said “check your photos!” I then thought to myself “yeah but photos take up much more memory than the text found in notes” so I checked my photo albums. To my amazement nearly 1000 photos and videos had been restored!

Later that day I heard the Lord say to me, “the data that you received back on your phone was not due to your faith but a gift and a sign from Me that I want you to contend for the rest”.

Wow! Roger that Jesus….will do. In the following days as I started to call back the rest of my notes He spoke to me again in the form of a question. “When you called back your data where did you call it back from?”. I started to consider this and my mind started going to a weird places? “Bouncing around off satellites in outer space or from a remote and fortified room full of super computers?”. Then the Lord interjected and said “the data was in Me!” Wow! As I started to process this a bunch of scriptures started to flood my mind!

Colossians 1:16,17 states that all things were created through Him and for Him and that He holds all things together. Colossians 2:3 also says that in Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. While we think that Jesus lives in heaven it is in fact the reverse, heaven and all other realms and dimensions are IN HIM. Then the most exciting thing that I was reminded of was, most importantly according to Colossians 1:27, is that Jesus, the certainty of glory, LIVES IN US!

While we have seen manifestation of the miraculous including the dead raised in both our church & ministry this also has a wider application. If there are things in our life that we think are lost and irretrievable such as dreams, prophetic words, financial breakthrough etc then we need to remind ourselves that they are still “in Christ” and nothing in Him is dead. Knowing this we can then stir ourselves up, refuse to meditate on the lies of the enemy and CALL THEM back! Mark 9:23 says that all thing are possible to them that believe.

I believe that this was a prophetic sign to myself and “who ever else who will receive it” that despite whatever the challenges that emerge in our lives is that we have access by faith to the eternal realms of glory and provision NOW and decree those things that aren’t as though they were; Romans 4:17.

Finally on a flight on the way to a conference several weeks later when I was sharing this with a friend I felt another “shift” take place. I checked my notes and ALL of them had been restored. Nothing can stop the miraculous, not even ‘flight mode!’.