Keys To Sustainable Outpouring Hidden In Plain Sight
Todd Weatherly


Of all the regional outpourings that I’ve studied the one that captured my attention the most took place in the Hebrides islands off the coast of Scotland at different times during the twentieth century. Key characteristics of this move of God were….. that it was birthed through obscure but hungry prayer warriors desperate for the manifestation of God’s glory within their community.

Secondly it was marked by an unusually heavy atmospheric presence of Gods glory. Not long after the intercessors believed that God was beginning to manifest, the glory of God was so tangible that it penetrated the whole region and touched Christian and non Christian alike. One night, without any coordination, 600 people were under such heavy conviction to get their life right with God they left the comfort of their homes and were found weeping and kneeling all by the roadsides in prayer front of the police station asking God ‘to have mercy on their souls’.

Thirdly it led to a tangible transformation of the region. There were so many people coming to Christ that the churches couldn’t contain them. Prior to this outpouring, it was custom for many of the men to spend their Sundays drinking and hunting (legal or otherwise) whereas now they were consumed with prayer and worship! This outpouring wholly effected the economy, rearranged demographics, shifted culture and changed the spiritual atmosphere.

So how does this affect us today? I’m glad you asked.

In 1606 the Portuguese navigator and explorer de Queiros landed in Vanuatu on the day of Pentecost and decreed “I take possession of all this part of the south as far as the pole in the name of Jesus……which from now on shall be called the Southern land of the Holy Ghost…..”

Through the sovereignty of God and by the power of heavenly sanctioned faith filled prophetic decree the whole region of the south which include nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji ,as well as others, have been marked by God to experience and export outpourings similar in nature to that which happened in the Hebrides islands off the coast of Scotland. What is even more intriguing is that for most of the twentieth century, the exact place from where de Queiros made his decree regarding ‘the great south land of the Holy Spirit’ was named the NEW Hebrides islands. God hides His plans in plain sight while confirming over and again His glorious intentions. While considering all of this and looking up different word meanings in relation to Hebrides my wife uncovered a key for all of us to lay ahold of in order to decree and experience continual outpouring. He-Brides! It’s one thing to experience it and it’s another thing to walk in it- I believe the Lord is encouraging us to contend and believe His prophetic promises while making our highest goal and practice INTIMACY with Him. I don’t believe it is any coincidence that in today’s social climate the agenda has been about identity politics. This makes it even more critical that we cultivate intimacy with our God so that we lay ahold of our indentity ‘in Him’ as His children and when we speak to others out of this place it manifests security, love and authority.