Had a flash vision on tues night right before ministering at Field of Dreams. I saw the incident of Mick Fanning with the shark flash before my eyes and heard the Lord say, “I closed the mouth of that shark and delivered him from an impossible situation”. Then the scripture came to me, “We have escaped like a bird from a hunters trap. The trap is broken and we are free (have escaped). Our help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 124:7,8

I believe that Mick Fanning represents Australia as well as individuals in difficult to impossible situations.

As a nation, if the majority of the church continues slumber and partake of the prevailing secular “group think” then the civil liberties (which we currently enjoy and take for granted) such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion will be greatly eroded or lost.

I also believe that many facing impossible situations relationally, financially, physically etc, God is saying, “u cannot break the snare of the enemy in your own strength; I HAVE BROKEN THEM, look to me and rejoice in faith THAT I HAVE HAVE ALREADY BROKEN THE ENEMIES SNARE OVER YOUR LIFE”. Rejoice in this CONTINUALLY and start to function as sons and daughters of the Most High- we must stop feeling sorry for ourselves, stop making excuses and in love and faith take dominion over every situation contrary to His kingdom of love, power of glory. Mick Fanning escaped a very close encounter with an apex predator of the ocean UNSCATHED! This is a prophetic type for many who believe and choose to walk out of the broken traps of the enemy (impossible situations) unscathed.