Loved Much you can Love Much!

You can choose to nurse and rehearse past hurts or you can choose to let them go and be free. Our loving Father sees us perfect in his sight. We are washed in his precious eternal blood.

Nothing can ever separate us! Our true self identify’s with this truth.
We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! This is wonderful news!

The woman who poured a year’s worth of fragrant oil over Jesus head knew how much she was loved. She expressed her love for Jesus extravagantly! Loved much, she loved much.

Matthew 26:6-13
The Passion Translation- Dr Brian Simmons
A Woman Anoints Jesus

⁶⁻⁷Then Jesus went to Bethany to the home of Simon, a man Jesus had healed of leprosy. A woman came into the house holding an alabaster flask filled with fragrant and expensive oil. She walked right up to Jesus, and in a lavish gesture of devotion, she began to pour out the costly oil, cascading over his head as he was at the table. ⁸When the disciples saw this they were offended. “What a total waste!” they grumbled. “We could have sold it for a great deal of money and given it to the poor!”
¹⁰Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Why are you critical of this woman? She has done a beautiful act of kindness for me. ¹¹You will always have someone poor that you can help, but you will not always have me! ¹²When she poured the fragrant oil over me she was preparing my body for burial. ¹³I promise you, that as this wonderful gospel spreads all over the world, the story of her lavish devotion to me will also be mentioned in memory of her.”

Father God wants to heal you up and give you hope and a future that is bright and beautiful. A future that starts TODAY one brick at a time as you build a house full of memories filled with life and love!

Choose to believe the best in people and yes, set boundaries and guard your heart, but don’t re-coil and allow your house of thoughts (your mind) to become a landing strip for negativity.

God will give you wisdom and understanding over this Christmas season as you meet with loved ones and connect with your extended family. Standing with you, believing and trusting for healing, life and restoration to many families at this special time of year!

BE LOVE. You have the fullness of God pumping through your veins! The giver of life Himself. Let your light shine and love even the most unloveliest- that is love at its best. Choose love and watch and see as the empowering wind of Holy Spirit brings unity and wholeness to your family!

Love and Blessings,