There is a clarion call going out from Father God’s heart right now inviting His people to partner with Him in a specific prayer need……….please hear His heart. A while ago He gave me this clear short dream which I will now share – Standing before me was a young woman who looked rather detached and forlorn – I walked up to her and very tenderly embraced her with such a deep and unconditional love which I knew was not my own. It didn’t concern me that she did not respond at all, but instead remained quite aloof and indifferent. The all-consuming love I felt as I continued to embrace her was literally radiating from me and after what seemed like a long time I could sense a warming toward me as she gradually began to respond. The dream ended. Father showed me that the young woman is His Beloved Church, His people, the ones who belong to Him. Sure there are many churches and those in His Body who are on fire and passionate for him, but this is about those who are not there yet. This is about those who have lost their way, who have been weakened by the stuff of life right now, who feel rejected and disappointed and overwhelmed and even bitter for numerous personal reasons. This is about those broken ones who have lost strength, lost faith, lost trust……… So many. Only our Father knows them all, and His heart is crying deeply for these precious ones. He is calling for those who hear His cry, to partner with Him in prayer, and envision Him – very tenderly, with an all-consuming love, great warmth and security and infinite patience, embracing this young woman who represents His Beloved Ones. Then lift this picture of His amazing embrace of His Church up to Him continually, trusting completely that with His Words of Life spoken over her as well, acceleration of an extremely deep healing, and impartation of Jesus’ Resurrection Life will flow into His Beloved. She will indeed warm to His radiating life-giving love and respond in complete surrender to her True Love and rise up to ‘the stature of the fullness of Christ’ and take her rightful place in the earth.