The Bride
Wendy McKaskill

While in prayer I was given the most stunning vision of a beautiful, young, absolutely free and untamed Warrior Princess woman, with fiery, wild and wind-blown hair, that looked like she was in constant forward motion.

She was holding a powerful looking bow and arrow, and she was confident, poised and sharp and ready to strike at her enemy. Then suddenly she disappeared into a cloud of fire, and within that cloud I saw the Lion of of the Tribe of Judah, from the book of Revelation, resplendent in His Kingly authority, and I knew at that moment that the Warrior woman had come forth from Him. Once again out of that cloud of fire she suddenly reappeared, and I was completely blown away by the way she carried herself, with such an air of assured courage and confidence. She stood supremely prepared with her bow and arrow aimed with the clear intention of scoring a bulls eye.

This woman is Jesus’ beloved Bride whom He so completely ADORES above and beyond comprehension. He is wonderously wrapt in her because she is His highest creation, prepared and dressed as a Warrior Princess and armed with her weapons that are ‘Mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds’, and ready to fire her straight piercing arrows of the Word of God, that will hit the intended targets with needle sharp precision.

He has been molding and shaping her in the secret place, during long and sometimes very painful and lonely stretches…’s been for now, for such a time as this. She has walked out of the wilderness leaning wholeheartedly on Him, her First Love, having surrended and yielded ALL unto Him. HE is her ‘Word become flesh’ who dwells within, her Resurrection Life, her Glory, her Husband. Together they will ride the ‘wind of the Spirit’, untamed, radical, but real and succinctly authentic. Together they will set the captives free, gather the lost, heal the sick and wounded and declare salvation over a thirsty and starving world.

This is the emerging Bride – and this is how He sees her, how He wants you to see her. This is you!!