Get ready for the new day!
Wendy McKaskill

Recently I had a vision of a massive modern steel gate which suddenly began to slide open very slowly at first, but has since sped up. It looked like an ‘enclosed community’ gate which automatically slides across when activated to allow entrance in and out of the gated estate, and although I could see a large portion of the gate, after 3 days of this vision, I still could not see the actual opened part of it, because it was obviously incredibly wide. I believe that something really huge has been activated in the spirit realm and will eventually become manifest, and as this gate very powerfully and relentlessly continues to open, the people of God who have trusted Him throughout the past challenging seasons, will suddenly be set free in many varied ways and released from what has perhaps seemed like a ‘gated community’ and out into the desperately needy world that is yearning for “the revealing of the sons of God” (Romans 8:19), to ignite a powerful worldwide revival of miracles, signs, wonders and salvations like never seen before. Then at the conclusion of this vision I was given the following dream:- It was early morning and my grandchildren awoke and were told to get ready as we had to be on our way very soon. But they kept on playing and running around and as the time quickly passed I noticed that they were not even dressed yet, and had still not eaten breakfast. So I strongly insisted that they quickly dress which they did but they didn’t have time to eat before we had to go out the door. The interpretation came to me like this:- Little children, it’s the dawning of a new day and as you awaken you must get dressed (clothed with Him) and eat breakfast (God’s Word) because you need the nourishment and be strengthened to leave home (all that is familiar) and start out on an amazing journey with Me that will be for you “the adventure of a lifetime”.