‘Start Where You’re At And LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW’!!!!
Wendy McKaskill


Don’t wait for things to change, don’t pin all your hopes and attention on what seems to be always in the future, the yearning for breakthroughs, turn-arounds and things up ahead, as if that’s where your happiness is, as if that’s where your freedom and peace abides!!

Because it’s actually right here and right now!!

There’s a FRESH ENABLING AVAILABLE that’s being offered to us, to take a look at where we are at, and pick out even the smallest of blessings that we can identify in our lives and offer up thanks and gratitude for each and every small detail, and then major on the blessing that they are to us, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

You see the turnarounds we are waiting and waiting for, can begin now in our own heart, where we are able to CHOOSE to turn our eyes away from what looks impossible and stuck, and turn to look in the other direction…….that’s Father God’s direction actually…….and deliberately begin to search out even the most insignificant of reasons to offer up a continual flow of ‘thank you’s to Him from a place of rest within our heart! Let that become an intentional habit, no matter how childlike and basic it sounds.

THAT’S where the turnaround begins – THAT’S where the treasure of a thankful and resting heart begins to beat to the rhythm of a different drum…..begins to offer the Lord an open door into the depths of our heart where He is then enabled then to bring fresh healing and restoration and a new song, to areas that had become barren and dry.

It starts small, but as we continue to thank Him, and rest in that place, we grow effectively always moving forward in an upward direction…..toward renewed hope and a higher dimension in God without the struggle of self effort, and instead we would be gaining an ingrained attitude of restful thanks and gratitude to the One who alone can manage the step by step journey we take, as we keep our hearts open to Him!

Becoming ‘thank you Father’ focused is a delightful secret that works, because it lifts our eyes and focus off ourselves and away from all that would distract unto Jesus – the Author and Finisher of our faith!
So beloved one – make a simple start, then keep going, you’ve got nothing to lose……but everything to gain!