For the JOY that was Set before Him
Wendy McKaskill


Recently one morning as I was waking up I was overcome with a strong sense of Jesus’ Spirit encompassing me, and a deep fresh revelation of the sacrifice He chose to make for me personally, and the full reality and process of that personal sacrifice!!

What hit me more clearly than ever, was the incredible extent He undertook, as God Almighty Himself, to become a mere man of flesh and blood, to utterly identify with me in my ordinariness…..
……and then to actually choose to suffer so violently and beyond comprehension, as well as experiencing the shocking grief and shame of being forsaken by His Beloved Heavenly Father as He took on my sin nature, and was abandoned to the realities of Hell itself, ………all……….just for me!!!!!!!!

……and YOU!!!!!!!

Then the verse in Hebrews 12:2 became highlighted all around me ………’who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross’…..!

What could possibly cause Him to see beyond the whole shocking crucifixion experience with an anticipation of such JOY?

You and me!!! Sharing the inconceivable glories of eternity and His Heavenly Kingdom with Him! Knowing HIM intimately and sharing in His ecstatic joy and delight of the wonders of His Father’s Kingdom that He longs to reveal to us and share with us.

The thing is it’s already begun……we have entered a whole fresh new season of breakthrough on a number of different levels this year, which many are beginning to experience, and this will only accelerate and explode till we are simply saturated and overflowing with the Spirit of God Himself!!!

Yes IT’S TIME to throw off the shackles of doubt and fear, and allow the Holy Spirit unlimited access into every room in our ‘house’ to cleanse and heal deep places that only He is aware of, and allow Him to tenderly lead us into a wholeness and purity that we never knew was possible!!

You and I are His great JOY, and the simple message of the cross will gain momentum in the days to come, as He pours out fresh revelation and demonstration of it’s innate power to turn the rebel forces of darkness completely upside down, and redeem mankind and all creation from every curse!