Connection is a powerful word!! Are you ready for it? Am I? God certainly is, and He has been highlighting this word to me for quite a while now. In fact He has been digging right down deep to a place in me that really has not wanted to connect any further than I do already in my life…..yep, my safe, comfortable, but increasingly dissatisfied hidden place that He had allowed me to settle into for quite a long while. But guess what – The time has come! We are very obviously on the cusp of further enormous changes and that includes the church. That’s you and me; and as the verse in Revelation 3:20 says – “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear My voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” I’ve always loved these words, and have often pictured myself opening my heart afresh to Him and inviting Him in to ‘sup’ with me, but to also show me what that actually looks like and to allow me to experience ‘sharing a meal with Him’. I always knew that such an experience would be deeply personal and even explosive and life-changing, but while I (and many others) HAVE experienced wonderful fresh encounters with Him, at the same time Holy Spirit is clearly showing me that this divine connection also includes connecting and reconnecting with people in our lives. What does this look like? Taking time to catch up with someone over coffee who you haven’t bothered with for a while – taking a small bunch of flowers to a family member who normally irritates you – sitting down with your wife/husband and really listen to them share their day/concerns without judgement – purposely decide to open your heart to begin reconnecting with life in a more generous way. A smile of encouragement here, an offer to help in some small way there…and gratitude to the Holy Spirit for the many ways He is willing to lead us on this journey of deeper and richer connection with Him and each other – “…sharing a meal together as friends.”