Step up to the plate!
Wendy McKaskill

While in prayer this morning I was given a vision of Jesus standing in front of me saying that it is time for us to ‘step up to the plate’ ……. A little unsure of what He meant exactly, I asked Him to explain and I pondered on the expression for a while. Later in the day I discussed the vision with Him again, by which time I had learned that the term is based on American baseball, and the round flat ‘plate’ on the ground of home baseis where the batter steps up to take his/her position to face the opponent’s oncoming pitch. As I faced the Lord in prayer He showed me that by stepping up to the plate, we would be stepping into Him, and in that powerful safe position, He in each one of us, and us in Him, together would take up the bat (the Word of God) to strike at the oncoming ball……(often a curve ball). In this past season, it has often seemed like a hard slog and a long process to hit a home run and win in the midst of some difficult and challenging journeys many of us have been through. But Jesus is saying that NOW is a time of further acceleration to step into Him, and with Him we will face the enemy’s curve balls with the bat in hand (His Word) and say ‘backatcha’ and strike a home run and win the game of whatever circumstances we are facing. He is increasing our levels of faith to ‘step up to the plate’ with Him and in Him, and rejoice as we KNOW we are standing on victory ground. So whatever you are currently going through, know that He is positioning you in Him, into a new level of courage, to face the enemy in the midst of the storm – confident that He has your back, He’s the Umpire, He knows the score, and at the end of the day we win!