As I woke up this morning and looked into the Father’s face, I was suddenly aware of Him drawing close to me with a fresh, steaming, moist face-washer (the kind you are handed on an aircraft after a long flight, to refresh and wake you up ready to disembark).

He very gently began to wash and refresh my face with this washer by his own hand…….I lay there amazed as this vision continued, and gradually I understood what He was actually doing –

Our face is our identity, and many of us may feel that we have perhaps lost our identity to a large extent, or had our identity in Christ stolen over the years, and so are unclear about who we really are in Him. It is vital that we gain our identity from what God says about us in His Word and not from what others say about us or what we think about ourselves. God alone really knows and understands us and has cleansed us by the blood of the Lamb – as in – 1John 1 : 7 ; and also Hebrews 13:5 – ‘… content with such things as you have; for He says, I will never leave you or forsake you’.

We are made in His image, and though other people in our lives may have rejected us or we feel unworthy, Jesus wants us to know that He completely accepts and adores us. He wants us to see from His perspective who we really are in Him, for our eyes to be awakened and refreshed to the truth of His Word.

Papa God is calling us to look up into His beautiful Face and let Him wash and refresh our upturned faces, wiping away the sleep from our eyes, and the grime and residue from the long journey. Allowing His fresh cleansing to awaken our senses and prepare us for the next leg of the amazing journey that He has planned for each of us up ahead.